Exhibition as Film / Film as Exhibition

19.04.17 - 04.07.18

EXHIBITION AS FILM / FILM AS EXHIBITION is an interdisciplinary film project by art theorist Marie-France Rafael and moving image artist An Laphan. Therein they address the recursive feedback loop between image production and image consumption. The BNKR functions as a reflexive tension-field, being at the same time the carrier of the site of the film as well as the site of the exhibition.

Running along with the program “Stop making sense, it’s as good as it gets.”, EXHIBITION AS FILM / FILM AS EXHIBITION is the ongoing experimental attempt of an spacetime-description with cinematic means.

The film-production time merges synchronically with the time of the curatorial program. However, the time of the movie is asynchronous to the time of the program, thus being especially in contradiction to the asynchronous screen duration of the filmic narration. Hence the exhibition and the film produce a-narrative moments and fictions, presenting a breakout from confined narrabilities. Through constant shifts of narrative perspectives and strategies, the filmic experienceability of “Stop making sense, it’s as good as it gets.” is constantly commented, as well as the filming process itself.

Filming will culminate in Mai 2018 in an exhibition, which – as the film – will have no beginning and end, thus exploring new speculative time-structures: a linear structure of past–present–future beeing only one possibility of many.

In this absurd differential gap between the image and the situation, the filming process, montage and post-production become part of the ongoing program. The movie is ‘on site’ (and vice versa). In a recursive gesture, program, movie and site are turned into elements thus creating over and over again new situations in time and space.