BNKR – current reflections on art and architecture is an exhibition space dedicated to the latest tendencies of contemporary art and architecture residing in an aboveground bunker under heritage protection in Munich/Nord-Schwabing. BNKR was founded in 2014 by Munich entrepreneur Stefan F. Höglmaier (Euroboden GmbH) to enhance his long-term engagement for cultural projects by creating a multidisciplinary platform that furthers exchange and dialogue. Under the guidance of Nina Pettinato a curator is annually selected to realize exhibitions and an accompanying program encouraging the dialogue between art, architecture and other disciplines such as design, science, philosophy and music.

Program 2020/21
Title: The Architecture of
Curators: Sam Bardaouil / Till Fellrath, artReoriented

Part 1, The Architecture of Deception
Part 2, The Architecture of Confinement
Part 3, The Architecture of Transformation

Program 2018/19
Curator: Lukas Feireiss, Berlin

Program 2017/18
Title: Stop making sense, it’s as good as it gets.
Curators: Ludwig Engel, Berlin / Joanna Kamm, Basel

Program 2016
Title: Im Raum mit (Teil 1) / Annett Zinsmeister (Teil 2)
Curators: section.a, Wien

Program 2015/16
Title: Die Innenwelt der Aussenwelt
Curators: Ciriacidis Lehnerer Architekten + Sandra Oehy, Zürich

Program 2014/15
Title: LABYR
Curator: Gregor Jansen, Düsseldorf

The building housing BNKR is a project by Stefan F. Höglmaier’s company Euroboden GmbH; it is the only aboveground bunker in Germany under heritage protection that has been allowed to turn all stories into daylit spaces. The restoration and renovation were executed by raumstation Architekten from Starnberg. With its historically sensitive transformation and repurposing, the bunker on Ungererstraße has moved to finally become part of the present day and future.

raumstation Architekten Starnberg
Construction time: February 2012 – Spring 2014
Exhibition space: basement + ground floor / three appartments / penthouse
Sculpture: Tony Cragg (2005), „Discussion“, Bronze, 170 x 190 x 240cm.

001_BNKR / High-rise bunker Ungererstrasse (2014). Photo: hiepler brunier.

002_Nina Pettinato / Stefan F. Höglmaier. Photo: Studio Hubertus Hamm (2019).

003_raumstation Architekten, Tim Sittmann-Haury, Fränzi Essler, Walter Waldrauch. Photo: Jens Passoth.